Wells Fargo Cuts 70 Senior Managers Amid Scandal

& Co., the lender that is trying to overcome a fake accounts scandal in its communal bank, said the new leader of the division cuts down 70 top positions.

The lender will reduce the number of local and regional presidents to 91, Mary Mack, director of retail banking, said in a memorandum to staff a copy of which was obtained by Bloomberg.

Bank spokeswoman Bridget Braxton confirmed the contents of the note and employees whose positions are eliminated were decided staff for 60 days until the new measures.

Most of the remaining directors are retitled as chairmen of the region’s banks directly responsible for more employees than before, in an attempt to reduce management levels through the office network, writes Mack. In its 10 geographic divisions, Wells Fargo formerly employed 160 and regional presidents.

“Change is difficult, but change is necessary to ensure we are well positioned for the future,” Mack wrote. “To really be better, we have to put the right structure in place,” he added.

The community bank division, home to retail banking, generated lower incomes since September, when Wells Fargo was fined $ 185 million because employees had opened accounts for more than half a decade without the Authorization of customers.

This week, the company’s consumer operations revealed another scandal, announcing that the bank had loaded up to 500,000 auto insurance customers who did not need it.

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Mack, who took over the head of the community bank last year had embarked on top positions in March. It dropped its regional members from top positions three by two by putting Lisa Stevens and Michelle Lee in charge, according to a Bloomberg memoir obtained at the time. His colleague John Sotoodeh, who had already overseen a third major area, was demoted to the head of the regional president.

The three leaders are in these positions as well as others depending on factors that include interview results, performance, quality and sales plan, such as the Friday memo. Mack said some outgoing employees chose to retire, while others did not want to move to a new job.

With the latest reorganization of the community bank, about 41 percent of the 58 regional frameworks high enough to appear in the last public presentation of the company’s key employees have left their roles.

The last public report was in early 2016, when Carrie Tolstedt oversaw retail banking. A Wells Fargo Board survey assigns a lot of criticism to the sales targets that were estimated regulators have led to employees to open fake accounts.

Some managers who no longer work in regional banks are among those described by Bloomberg in November history that allowed supervisors to have obtained through cross-selling promotions, the practice of persuading individual customers to sign